Choosing The Right Hardwood Floor – Why Choose Bamboo Flooring

There are a variety of Hardwood Flooring species offered on the market today. In the past, one of the most overlooked options has been Bamboo. Bamboo Floors are both beautiful and environmentally friendly and often times costs significantly less than Hardwood species of similar shades and quality. Recently however, Bamboo Flooring has seen a rise … Read more

Two World Class River Cruises

Chances are, when you think of a cruise holiday the first thing that comes to mind is a cross ocean, large liner based experience. There is, however, another excellent alternative, a smaller river cruise. River cruising offers up a more focused experience, one that really allows you to explore the best of a country’s history … Read more

Will the Hopper App Kill Google for Travelers?

There are literally hundreds of Apps in the Android and Appstore for the travel industry. With the travel industry slowly moving towards seamless integration the trend of mobile-assisted traveloyages (hey, I have just invented a new word here!) Apps are defining the way people are looking at future holidaying. Travelers now have the option of visiting a destination or … Read more

Travel Planning With Your Best Buddy

What could be the best way to free your mind and spirit? Travelling! And, who could be the best person to accompany you to this new adventure? No one, but your best buddy! Travelling with your best buddy can be the greatest idea, especially on a long weekend or on a holiday. Whether it would … Read more

The Downsides to Three Hotel Alternatives

On road trips and vacations, hotels can be a bigger expense than gas money. Youths and adults on tight budgets can be tempted to save money by sleeping in the car or camping, but there are significant downsides to each alternative. In the end, travellers who stay in motels are paying for more than clean … Read more

The Best Reasons to Join a Photography Tour

1. Hand-picked locations Good Photography Tours are not the same as other tours. Hand-picked locations and expert knowledge will save you valuable time and allow you to spend more time “capturing the moments”. Photo tours that have many exotic locations will attract seasoned photographers who have the necessary photography skills but want to capture amazing … Read more