High Blood Pressure Over Diagnosed – NHS Recommends Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

A recent study by Britain’s NHS suggests that many patients are diagnosed as having high blood pressure when they really don’t. A professor from University of Leicester says that blood pressure taken in a clinical setting (doctor’s office) is affected by “white coat hypertension” more than previously thought. White coat hypertension is the term used … Read more

A Health Wake-Up Call

Joining a gym is more than just a lifestyle choice: it could be the health wake-up call you need. When I joined the gym my aim was to build up my stamina, lose some weight and give some sort of routine to my days. I work from home on a freelance basis, so it’s very … Read more

How Do You Lower Cholesterol Without Medication?

Is it really possible? Yes it is. Lowering cholesterol naturally is just as effective as using prescription drugs. You can reduce your intake of saturated fats and trans fats, increase your intake of HDL “good cholesterol” foods, and exercise more. Doing these three things alone can make a huge impact in your lifestyle and improve … Read more

High Blood Pressure and the Kidney Connection – How To Avoid Kidney Disease

Among the many potentially deadly affects of high blood pressure or hypertension is kidney disease. While elevated blood pressure is not the only cause of kidney disease it is a serious threat because unlike other causes, high blood pressure typically affects both kidneys at the same time. There is no “backup” kidney available. Our kidneys … Read more