Wrought Iron Door Hardware: Getting The Rust Off

If anything can ruin the look of a once beautiful wrought iron door it is rust. When the wrought iron door hardware gets rusty you can forget about getting any complements whatsoever on your door because it is not gonna happen, no way no how. If on the other hand you take care of your doors and their hardware and you get rid of any rust as soon as you see it the doors will still be great conversation pieces.

There are many reasons to have wrought iron in your home. You can have wrought iron beds, wrought iron candle holders, wrought iron chandeliers or even wrought iron coffee tables and these are just a few of the popular favorites. These pieces are coming back into vogue in a big way and as long as you can keep the rust a bay you are going to love them all.

The very best way for you to get at the rust in your wrought iron door hardware is to soak all of the smaller pieces. These pieces can be hard to clean, as they are usually full of dips and valleys. You can sandblast the door but the handles? A far better idea is to simply soak them in rust remover.

There are many different kind of rust remover on the market these days ad the vast majority of them will work perfectly on your hardware. You will need to take special care when using them however as they are highly corrosive. You don’t want to melt a hand or a finger off do you? Just the rust is meant to be stripped away, not your skin!

Read the instruction carefully before you start to soak your wrought iron door hardware. There will be clear instruction on how to use the cleaner and how not to use it. Stick with the former and you will be fine. You will need to wear special gloves and keep your skin from coming into contact with the solution. You should also wear protective eye gear just to protect against any splashes that may occur. We are talking about liquid and you don’t want to get burned when dropping something in the water.

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