Workforce Opportunities in the Space Industry

Ever since Neil Armstrong famously stepped foot on the moon in 1969, Americans have had an incredible fascination with space. From planets different to our own to the mystery of black holes, space is considered the final frontier.

However, space is more than just a few astronauts, as it takes a team of hundreds to prepare for each rocket launch. This means the space industry creates plenty of exciting career opportunities for both entrepreneurs and young students.

If you’re passionate about space, here are some of the best career opportunities to consider.

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Administrative Support
Technical Writer
Media and Public Relations
Electrical Engineer
Software Development
Which of These Space Industry Opportunities Are You Most Excited About?
One of the most fascinating employment options in space is engineering. Specifically, aerospace engineering.

Why are they so important to the space industry? Think about a spaceship—how is it able to leave the earth’s atmosphere, travel through space, and then safely land on another planet?

The key is engineering! Aerospace engineering is all about the science behind flight.

They help to design spacecraft and calculate their flight path. It’s a very exact science, as even having your formulas off by a mm can be disastrous.

It’s not easy to become an engineer, as it requires plenty of high-level courses in math, science, and physics. You’ll need an advanced degree as well.

Some of the best aerospace engineering programs in the US can be found at MIT, Stanford, and the Georgia Institute of Technology, to name a few. There are many types of engineering, but aerospace engineering is specific to space travel.

Administrative Support
Young professionals who may not have an interest in science and math, but still want to work in the space industry, can find plenty of clerical roles.

The space industry, like most industries, requires high-level experienced support. From managing schedules, arranging meetings, and helping space tourists arrange their trips, administrative support is essential.

Working in an office or government bureau plays a very helpful role in keeping the space industry running well. Plus, it’s exciting as you’ll be on the front line of a very exciting industry!

To work in administrative support, consider going to a community college or university. There, you can earn a degree in business management or administration.

Astronomy is the study of the planets and stars, so it’s heavily involved with the space industry. Astronomers are experts in the stars, solar systems, and even far-off galaxies, so their knowledge helps shape space exploration programs.

As an astronomer, you’ll help your colleagues understand more about outer space. Astronomers also work within the space industry to run research programs.

Whether it’s learning about new black holes or working with astronauts to bring back rock samples, astronomers are always helping us learn more about our understanding of space.


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