Will traditional marketing techniques help in your Internet marketing Campaign

Ever wonder how much we learn from traditional marketing techniques and how much do we implement? We of course know that internet marketing is much more fast-paced than conventional marketing methods and traditional marketing focuses much more on getting customers the hard way. How much do strategies like Search Engine Optimization pay off?

A fact is that SEO will make you noticed among bystanders, but traditional marketing concepts like branding will make you the destination for potential clients.

Take for example blog commenting. A good blog comment will get attention to the site you are promoting. But there the interest drops. The return on investment in blog comments is therefore very low. So do we stop blog commenting and focusing on other things? No. What is being tried to say here is that the power of blog comments is underutilized.

If you are focused on only getting links to your site then you are not going to get anything of value. The idea here is to leave a good comment that you are genuinely proud of. Avoid leaving comments that can be programmed to leave like “good post!” or “interesting stuff”. Instead, write something that people will think that you are a human, even get interested to read your comment, or at times pay you to leave more comments. When you leave things as such you promote your brand better.

With all the changes in search engine algorithms for dodging web spam, it has become more important to get more genuine human and less mechanical content. We all know that just getting links to a website is not enough. Have a proper flow of search engine juice is integral to us.

So what are other ways apart from blog commenting that can be useful to us? Well, we need to re-imagine our standard link-building processes.

A good and reliable way to go is guest blogging. That way you create an identity for yourself and people reading a blog can get an impression of the working principles of your brand. You can safely say that you will attract better clients. Of course, since the very nature of SEO is to market your content this can come as very uncomfortable to many people. But as we all know in traditional marketing is giving your best things for free is always the best way to attract customers. For example, you will definitely buy two packs of soap when you get a third one for free.

Another possible way to score clients is through link requests. It is a more Pro Bono Publico arrangement. For example, an SEO firm in Glasgow requests a blogger to add a link. The blogger ends up opening a marketing firm and outsourcing high-profile work to the SEO firm. Learn to work pro bono.

Now last but never the least. Nothing will preach trust In your brand like “buy what you sell”. This being said all SEO companies preach CRO to their clients but many do not use it themselves. It is always a good time to brush up on the old site and bring some zing to it.










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