Why You Should Be An Espresso Maker At Home

Today espresso consumption rates around the world are increasing dramatically and so are its costs. It is not surprising that more people are becoming espresso makers at home. Currently there are many high quality espresso machines, coffee grinders and even coffee bean roasters available at very reasonable prices. With all the equipment available and with some additional knowledge the numbers of espresso makers at home will certainly continue to increase. There are four basic reasons why one should consider taking on this amazing practice or hobby and they are; better coffee quality, cost savings, convenience, and social enjoyment.

1. Coffee quality: Although there are some very good small coffee shops that produce a great drink there simply are not enough. The large chain type coffee shops produce an adequate drink but there is no way they can compete with the drinks made at home by even a moderately accomplished coffee enthusiast. Many of the home espresso makers are even roasting their own beans which is huge benefit and not at all difficult to do. Another very important factor is cupping the drink in an appropriate already warmed glass or porcelain cup rather than using a paper cup. This is done by many small shops but not the large chains and it really improves the drink.

2. Savings: The cost savings may be the most compelling reason to be an espresso maker at home. If an individual does roast at home and there is no good reason not to, the savings could be as high as 75%. Whole bean, high quality coffee can be found as high as 12 to 14 dollars per half pound. Green coffee beans (unroasted) are readily available in the 6 dollar per pound range. With a price of 3-4 dollars for a latte plus an additional tip at your local coffee shop it is easy to see dramatic savings by doing these things at home. With this savings in time the purchase price of the equipment is recovered and now you are really cutting your costs.

3. Convenience: The convenience of getting up in the morning and going to the kitchen to create your favorite espresso drink is great. It is also nice to drive directly to your place of work without having to stop. You now not only get your coffee fix sooner, your commute to work is much simpler and quicker. It is really nice to eliminate standing in those long lines.

4. Social Enjoyment: I know, how can anything be more social than hanging out with friends over a great cappuccino at your favorite coffee shop? How about this? How about having close friends over to start the day or end it in the comfort of your own home? You are now playing your favorite music in the background not someone else’s or maybe no music at all. And now you are talking and socializing without having to listen to or having others listen to your conversation. Finally, and definitely the best part is being able to share your expertise and favorite espresso recipes with those you care about.

There is something about the atmosphere of a coffee shop that cannot be replaced in the home. This writing is not intended to try to eliminate patronage of coffee shops large or small. These shops are here to stay and should be enjoyed by all who are interested in doing that. The intent here is to point out the benefits of being an espresso maker at home and to remind all that the process is a very enjoyable one. It can be kept very simple or get as involved as one would like, the choice is yours.



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