Why You Need Email Marketing

Email campaign is one of the most effective marketing vehicles offering great opportunities to businesses, such as:

  • It is inexpensive

Email is the most cost-efficient marketing medium available to companies today.The big savings start when you consider there are no production, printing or postage costs.There are self-service solutions that will let you save on email marketing sevice provider costs.

  • No limits in reaching your prospects

Mass media is limited to specific regions, while an email can reach the recipient wherever he/she is.

  • Immediateness

By means of the call to action buttons email marketers insert in there messages, the audience is prompted to complete one or more specific tasks in favor of your objectives.The call to action words propose a specific task to your audience such as: visit, call, download, read, forward.The readers are directed to take an action immediately and this increases the conversion rates.

  • Targeting the audience is possible.

With email marketing you can exclude from your audience people that probably are never going to become your customers and concentrate on those that are most likely to be interested in your products or services.Your response rates depend on how relevant your offer is for your recipients.

  • Strentghening customer relationship

One of the best ways to strentghen the relationship with your customers is to send them regular newsletters in which you inform them about latest developments in your business, including new products.

  • Personalization

People are more likely to spend time reading things that are relevant to them.Seeing their name in the message or in the subject line creates an impression of relevance to the recipients and induces them to read the email and take actions.

  • Segmentation is possible.

You can segment your subscribers and adjust the message you send to the interests of each group, taking into consideration their age, sex, region and purchasing behavior.

  • Measurable results

With email marketing you can track what happens after you send the campaign: ESPs make reports with data about who opened your emails, who forwarded it to someone else, which links where clicked and who unsubscribed.Tracking is of great value, as it helps you improve your email marketing strategy.

  • Forwarding

Your prospects can let other people know about your offer in no time due to the forward button.If you use a trackable forward link in your email, you can know who forwarded your email.

  • Cross-selling and up-selling

You can inform your customers about alternative products that might turn useful to them.






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