Why Tuscan Decor Can Really Make Your Guests Feel at Home

You may not have guests over to stay very often, but when you do wouldn’t it be nice to make them feel exceptionally welcome? Well with a Tuscan decor you can and it could be fun setting up the room too.

The Secret to a Great Tuscan Setting

In order to create a Tuscan setting you will find that no matter what your budget, it is achievable. You really do not have to make big changes; it could be something simple from changing the color of the walls and adding a few simple ornaments. You could even get away with just adding Italian themed bed covers. Whatever your budget you can create a Tuscan style décor and no matter how simple the changes are, they will still make your guests feel really welcome.

The lighting in the room can make a difference when you are creating a Tuscan theme and so you will need to choose the right light fitting in order to stay with the theme. Wrought iron is a great choice as it creates an intimate and elegant setting which your guests will really appreciate. Rustic ceiling features are also a really choice and wall sconces should also be looked into. Always avoid modern and overly shiny lighting as this will not give you the look that you are after.

Another aspect of Tuscan décor which some people do not take into account is the flooring. If you have the money then completely changing the flooring is the best option as then you can have marble tiles which will really set the scene. However if you simply do not have the means or the funds to do that then just changing the carpet or placing an area rug down will also look really good.

If you want to complete the look then it is the smaller details you need to pay attention to. Decorative things such as bedding, curtains and pictures can all really help to perfect the look. The accessories are by far the cheapest part of the Tuscan décor but they are also the ones which make the biggest difference. By using silk flowers and green indoor plants, you will keep the natural feel in the room and by using warm reds on the walls you will keep the intimate and homely feeling too.

Overall creating a Tuscan setting in your guest room is not overly difficult. You can even purchase window treatments which help you to give a Tuscan feel to the whole room. You do not have to spend a lot to get the desired look that you are after and as long as you stick to the basic color scheme, your guests will really feel at home in a Tuscan style bedroom.



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