Why should you gift a wooden kitchen set to kids?

You might have noticed that kids love imitating adults. Your kids may want to go for a drive, or your princess would like to do a health check-up. They love pretending to be grown-ups and want to experience the life of an adult. Since parents are their first role models, they aspire to become like their parents. Encourage pretend play amongst kids and provide them with toys and games that help them explore as much as possible.

Most of the girl children are curious about cooking and kitchen appliances. Even boys are showing interest in kitchen activities. They are observant and ask multiple questions. Of course, kids are too tiny to cook or use the kitchen appliances. So, a kitchen set is the ideal gift choice for them. It is essential to support their curious brains that are starting to understand the world. Here are reasons why you should gift them one: 

Builds social skills

When your child plays with friends, they communicate, get involved, and become part of a social group. It allows them to cooperate, socialise, and be considerate towards others. The kids’ kitchen set enables them to involve in similar activities and share their thoughts or suggestions. It helps children understand when they need to control their behaviour and talk or communicate with others in different scenarios.

Involves pretend play

Kitchen sets form a part of the pretend play games, such as hosting a tea party. Your children experiment and understand the responsibilities of being the host for such small events. Kids often make dolls a part of such scenarios and imagine them as human beings. They talk and pretend even to host lunch or massive parties. They imitate their mother or father during such occasions.

Explore the kitchen and cooking world

The best part about activity toys is they teach your child the basics of the kitchen. They understand what cooking is and the appliances available here. Boys tend to get fascinated with these than girls. This prompts them to play with other kids, interact with them, and get engrossed in such activities. This way, they develop organisation skills and follow proper mannerisms that makes them aware of house cleaning tactics.

Helps with brain development

Besides cooking and understanding the responsibilities of the host, kitchen sets let children explore their creativity. While children engage in pretend play, they create daily life problems in their stories and resolve them. It encourages high-level thinking and triggers their brain to act in a specific manner and think practically.

Understands shared responsibilities

When children notice their parents sharing house chore responsibilities, they enact the same during playtime. Today, every partner shares the roles equally at home. Children observe their parents and understand the importance of sharing responsibilities. Therefore, a kitchen set is nt only meant for girls but is also an excellent choice for boys who are interested in cooking and helping with home activities.



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