Why Marketing Research is must for your Business?

Marketing Research includes

– Customer Research

– Product or service Research

– Advertisement Research

– Sales Research

– Staff Skills Research

– Product Market Fit Research

– Channel Research

In short you have to research on each element of your Marketing Mix

Some of the key elements that you should Understand are

– Business Model

– Business Goal / Objective

– Product / Service attributes

– Customers

– Customer journey

– Customer Behaviour

– Customer Requirements – Does my product or service solve his / her requirements?

– Customer Scenario

– Marketing Ecosystem

– Content Inventory

– Budgeting

Every organization has its own style of operating and catering to customer need / requirements. Marketing Research depends on what you are objective is (in simple terms what is it that your are trying to find – whether it is the channel that you have to market or the product USP that you should promote or who should this product be marketed to, etc..) Marketing Research helps you – When you are trying to market a product or service and you are unable to plan your marketing mix.

You can analyze

– Already existing data with your organization / colleagues / peers

– Collect new data through interviews / survey

– Experiment various techniques to identify which works best

Based on your analysis you will have various parameter to understand the complete marketing mix.

We at Ephrath Digital Marketing and Technologies adopt a scientific approach in developing the Marketing Strategy for our clients. The first and foremost step when creating a strategy is to carryout marketing research which includes Competitive Research as well. Our Core strength is providing solutions to very complex marketing problems.







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