Why It Is Important To Manage Your Research Resources Using Social Bookmarks

Indeed, the internet is a wealthy source of information. One can search for just about anything on the World Wide Web by just typing a word or a phrase into search engines. It may be a business or a product. One could look for services or more in-depth information about some topic. Of course, one can either save the information found to one’s computer or bookmark the web page using one’s browser to go back to the specific page.

However, as one looks up more and more things online and saves the information, there may come a time that looking or going back for this saved information takes up more time than searching for it. Or one might find that their own bookmarks are so many that they have forgotten what the page was about in the first place. So how does one organize these types of information when it becomes voluminous?

Online Social Bookmarking Services

One answer to this is to use social bookmarks or bookmarking services. With this type of service one can sign up for an account and mark a particular web page they are interested in, use tags to help identify what the link is about and share interesting ones to their social media networks. At the same time, when one goes back to look for these tags, one can see what sites other people have marked for the same tags. Relevancy and timeliness of the information provided is also seen as date of submission is saved as well.

This way, one’s task of researching will be expedited as it is possible to look for the latest update with the topics that one is interested in and searching for something specific is narrowed down with the use of these services. It also becomes possible and easy to interact with people having the same interests as well. Some bookmarking services are available as plugins that can be integrated into one’s browser to help access the same information without difficulty.

Having a plugin in social bookmarking service makes it easier for one to save up site information to their computers and since some of these sites also offer to save the information in the internet, this makes it easier to retrieve these sites virtually anywhere in the world. Users will be able to retrieve the same information as long as they have access to the internet and log in to such service. In the end, making use of bookmarking services frees up space on one’s computer(s) and makes it available for access from different places and on various computers.



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