Why is Wood the First Choice for Windows and Doors?

Wood has an aesthetic beauty and ambience unequalled by any other material and has unique qualities that only nature can provide. Homeowners increasingly appreciate the environmental benefits and the design potential afforded by wood. Celebrity architects constantly endorse wooden windows over other alternatives for cutting edge designs.

~ Timber is environmentally friendly ~

Every country is urged to support sustainable development and when this refers to window and door products we can safely say that the only material available that meets this criterion for their manufacture is timber, unlike all other extracted or mined materials. According to ENGOs, (environmental government organisations) The WWF (World Wildlife Fund), and Greenpeace, wood is “by far the best environmental choice for windows” as it is a totally renewable resource. With forests representing the single most important stabilising feature in the world’s land mass, an international organisation, The Forest Stewardship Council requires its members to ensure that forests are replenished at least as much as they are harvested. As trees become older their ability to absorb CO2 reduces significantly and that is why these trees can be harvested and replaced by young ones.

When we compare timber windows with other types we find that much less energy is needed to manufacture wooden windows than those made with other materials. Also, in terms of CO2 emissions, a greenhouse gas linked to climate change, timber is neutral whereas aluminium would produce up to 4 tonnes of CO2 per 10 windows according to the BWF (British Woodworking Federation)

~ Timber is energy efficient ~

Timber is a natural insulator and if you want to save money it is a good idea to make sure you are not paying for warmed or cooled air that is seeping through the cracks of your doors and windows. Weather stripping is the best way to make significant savings on your energy bill. When you’ve checked your house to see where the air is going you will find there is no substitute for quality, energy- efficient doors and windows. These can be acquired at very affordable prices.

~ Timber is perceived to be a sign of high quality. ~

Stylish timber windows and doorsets are ideal for luxury living and modern production methods means manufacturers can supply quality products, made to the highest standards, to meet this need. If care is taken to treat the finished product correctly their clients have the assurance and guarantee of long-lasting pleasure. Wooden windows are perceived to be a sign of high quality so the value of property will always remain at the highest level.



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