Who Needs Money

People often complain that they don’t need money, but this is not true. You do need money if you want to buy things. People often think that they have to go out and make some money. This is not true. You don’t make money. You go out and do work and you get money for working. You are paid for your production. You only make money if you have a printing machine. Why did the need for money come about? More than a thousand years ago there was no money.

People bought goods with goods. They traded one thing for another. This is known as the barter system and it was the best forex trading for that time period. If you had to travel with your goods, it was very inconvenient and heavy. It was because of this that money was invented.

Money is not what is produced. It stands for your production. You go to your job and you get paid. You take your pay and spend it. It is much easier to do this instead of hauling around a basket of eggs or gallons of milk. As you can see, it is much easier to have a wallet or purse with money instead of needing a truck. Money is compact and easy to exchange for goods.

Even though the money came about to make our lives better, there is still a sinister side to it. This is the side that manipulates the money supply to make profits. The world bankers buy and sell currency and created inflated or deflated money supplies to make a profit. They print the money and then determine if the value will go up or down. This is where the root of evil comes in because forex trading tips the balance in their favor. There is no production or creation of any kind, only the buying, and selling of useless paper or fiat money.







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