Where to Find The Most Amazing Natural Images in Bulgaria

Srebarna National Reserve

Srebarna features in UNESCO World Heritage sites and it can be found near a small town carrying the same name. The area includes the lake, again carrying the same name, which is lovely in the late spring months and during the summer period. There is an exhibition hall in the village including samples of species inhabiting the national reserve.


Ruse is the fifth biggest in Bulgaria and is an imperative stream port for the nation’s exports and imports as it’s situated on the Danube River, which crosses over 25 countries and is a main water route for cross-country trade. This city is well known for its neo-Baroque and neo-Rococo design, and it is a wonderful city to visit with numerous exhibition halls and recreational parks, museums, as well as interesting infrastructure and architecture, including the fountain in the city centre.

Iskar River

This stream is the longest river flowing entirely through the country, and it has its beginning from the Danube. It cuts through beautiful valleys and hills and there are many places on this river, from mountains to plains, to visit. It is perfect for hiking and spotting wildlife, as well clearing your head from a long day’s work.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Sofia as I’ve already mentioned is the capital of Bulgaria. It is home to Bulgaria’s biggest exhibition halls, shopping centers, numerous authentic galleries, and cathedrals and churches. The engineering is probably the most delightful in Eastern Europe, and there are numerous public spaces, statues and architectural marvels which you can admire for free. One such is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which is the largest cathedral on the Balkan Peninsula, it’s a christian orthodox as is most of the Bulgarian population. It’s domes are gold-plated and recently hosted one of the worldwide famous opera performances – Nebucco.

Bulgaria is a staggeringly safe nation for tourists, with a steady government and a strong economy. Be that as it may, make sure to check any nearby news and climate reports before making a trip to guarantee a positive excursion. Follow the advice that you get from your travel specialist and visiting guides, particularly if going in the mountains and hiking in woody areas, and stay near lit places on the off chance that you are out in the urban areas around evening time. Bulgaria is mostly a peaceful country, however like any other country it has its fair share of skin heads and troublemakers but if you avoid dodgy places off the centre of the city during night time you should be alright.