Where to Buy Coffee Beans?

A coffee plant seed is called a coffee bean. The fruit which the plant bears is called a cherry and the bean is pit present in that fruit. There are usually two present in a fruit with their flat surfaces placed together. Although a small percentage of fruits contain a single bean in them. Those are called pea berries. Coffee bean constitutes mainly of endosperm which is also found in the common white rice as well as in Brazil nuts. The coffee beans are crushed and refined in order to manufacture coffee powder which is then consumed by people.

Large number of countries import coffee from other nations and the most commonly imported varieties of coffee are Robusta and Arabica. These are the most economical too. Arabica constitutes of 0.8 to 1.4% of caffeine whereas Robusta beans consist of 1.7 to 4% of caffeine in them. It is a major cash crop and one of the important export products; it is available easily in the markets. One can ask where to buy coffee beans and the simplest answer to that can be given is ‘the internet’. One can buy them online from different sites, which deliver the item to the doorsteps. One can also order them from different countries and ensure good quality of beans. Mostly people order exotic ones from Jamaica which have better taste and aroma. But these are more costly as compared to the regular types. The customer can buy them online by paying through credit card or can even send a draft.

In some of the countries the question where to buy coffee beans can be answered by saying on retail shops! People can directly buy good quality coffee beans in any of the shops selling them. It is not even difficult to find as they can be searched for on the internet. Some of the stores also provide discounts on a large amount of purchases. But one has to be sure about the quality of the product available. It might be adulterated, so there should be a keen inspection done on the product before finally making the purchase. Brazil, Columbia, Indonesia, Vietnam and India are some of the highest coffee producers in the world. Beans from different places may have distinct characteristics such as tastes, smell, etc… coffee shows clear regional variation like wine. caffeine content is also an important attribute, but a large amount of caffeine content can also cause acidity and discomfort to the consumer.

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