What Meets the Expectations of the Connoisseur Coffee Drinker?

Purchasing a top quality coffee is not as easy as it may seem. There are plenty of coffee outlets online that offer a grand selection of this product, but it doesn’t mean that it truly is a selection of the finest coffee in the world.

The best coffee comes down to three important factors: the ingredients it is made with, how it is harvested for the market, and how it is brewed.

The ingredients it is made of:

It all begins with the very best in coffee beans. Some countries are renowned for their development of the coffee beans, and each of them has the ability to produce a very unique cup of coffee that sets them apart from the rest.

Beyond the coffee bean:

Connoisseurs of this amazing beverage have discovered that when extra enhancing ingredients are added in the production of the coffee, it may have this beverage to new heights in both pleasure and aroma. Not every additional ingredient has the ability to do this, but there is one that is rocking the world of coffee lovers around the world and that is the organic ganoderma.


Using resources from the earth as nature intended us to is the only way we can be sure that we are getting all of the benefits that resource is comprised of. It makes sense for coffee connoisseurs who insist on the best to then also insist on it being organic.


This is one of the most unique mushrooms in the world that only grows on certain trees throughout the tropical regions of Asia. Coffee makers have discovered the wealth of benefits that the ganoderma possesses and have used it in their exquisite brands of coffee. Like any quality ingredient it comes down to choosing only the best of the Ganoderma which is to be found in the Wuyi Mountains in the region of China’s Fuzhou. To the Chinese the ganoderma lucidum means “spiritual potency”, while to the Japanese it means “king of herbs.”

Harvesting for the market:

The proper harvesting of the beans and these extra ingredients like the ganoderma is extremely important. For example, plastic bag harvesting of the ganoderma lucidium renders it much less potent.

Bringing it to market:

There are many ways that the coffee lover can purchase their coffee. They have choices of buying it from their local stores, going to coffee shops or even buying online. Each have their advantages but also some restrictions. One of the truly better methods of purchasing coffee that can be counted as best of the best is through online buying. This method of purchasing has many more benefits to it when compared to others. The true coffee connoisseur not only develops a talent for knowing the best coffees but adapts the ability for knowing who is capable of providing this and which coffee providers have made the best choices in their coffee offerings.



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