What is the Point of Guest Posting Your Articles

What do you think of gifting your best blog posts and guest posting them somewhere else? own, then it’s really worth it. Why? Many reasons are really:

Increasing Your Profile The traffic backlink from the highest ranked website. You will have a link in your post and that will generate traffic More subscriptions if you have a freebie.


More people are subscribing to your RSS feeds So yes, it pays to give away your best articles as guest posts. So how do you start guest posting? Make sure your item is completely original. If you think you can copy other people’s article snippets, tweak them a little, and make them your own, you’re wrong.


The receiving blogger will use a tool like Copy Scape to verify that it’s unique. And one more thing, it can only be published on the recipient’s website. even your own blog. I’ll say it, but it’s obvious. Grammar, spelling and all that.


Make sure to check this over and over again. The last thing you want is for the recipient to dismiss your item because of a silly misspelling. Of course we all make mistakes and maybe one mistake is okay but not 4 or 5. When in doubt ask someone else to check it out. I write fast and only write what I think, so I always ask someone else to review my articles before I publish them.