What is laptop?

Laptops are computers that are portable. They can run on battery power or be plugged in to a wall outlet. Laptops usually have a screen that is 13 inches or larger and weighs less than 5 pounds. If you’re using a laptop in your home, you can use it as your primary computer.


Laptop prices range from $200-$2,000+ depending on the type of computer you’re looking for (gaming laptops can cost around $3,000). There are three basic types of laptops: Chromebooks, which run the Chrome operating system; Microsoft Surface products; and Apple MacBooks. These three types offer different features- so it’s important to think about what’s most important to you when deciding which one might work best for you.


The Different Types Of Laptops

. 1. Tablet – Tablets are great if you need something lightweight and portable to carry around with you. They don’t have a full keyboard like laptops do so they are only good for simple tasks such as emailing, browsing the internet, and streaming media.


2. Hybrid Tablet – You might also see hybrids or convertible tablets which function just like convertibles except they don’t rotate so they always stay in one position making them easier to share between people. 3. Smartphone/Tablet Combo Device – You might want to consider getting a smartphone/tablet combo device if you need something light and portable that provides functions similar to both devices (a phone and a computer).