What Is Kopi Luwak?

Kopi is an Indonesian term for coffee while Luwak refers to the toddy cat which is found in Sumatra. Kopi Luwak, sometimes called as civet coffee or coffee luwak, is a coffee produced from the beans of the coffee berries which are eaten by the toddy cat and passed through their digestive system. These civets live in the trees and they are omnivorous which means that they take anything available in their environment. They take some seeds, fruits, eggs, insects, and fruits including the ripened coffee cherries or beans.

When the toddy cat eats the fleshy pulp from the coffee beans, the proteolytic enzymes in its stomach pass through the coffee beans producing smaller peptides and more amino acids. Whatever they consume passes through its intestines until it goes out from the body as wastes while keeping the shape of the coffee beans. Farmers collect these beans, rinse and sun-dry, them, roast and brew them to produce a sweet-smelling unique coffee with less bitterness. Kopi Luwak is known to be the most expensive coffee and is produced in Sumatra, Bali, java, and Sulawesi. Later,

Kopi Luwak has a dictinct aroma and flavor properties, especially that of being less bitter. These unique properties are attributed to the roasting levels which are strictly from cinnamon to medium color only, with regulated browning of the sugar in the beans which occurs when one use the heavy roasting system. Light roasting also gives smoother outline of the beans.

Records reveal that it was the Dutch who were the first major importers of Coffee Luwak. The initial seeds were brought from Yemen in 1615 amidst the prohibition of the Arabs against the exporting of the unroasted coffee berries. Later, big coffee plantations were established in Java and Sumatra during the Dutch colonization of Indonesia.

How does it work?

This coffee is made from the coffee berry beans that are absorbed by the Toddy cats. The process allows the breaking down of proteins which are in the green beans and produces an exotic taste.

As the civets emit the coffee beans by means of wastes or feces, the farmers collect them for further processing. They carefully classify the coffee beans, rinse and sun-dry and get them ready for roasting.

There is a very high demand for this type of coffee while the supply is low which makes the coffee as the most expensive coffee in the world. The aroma is unquestionably rich and strong with a distinct chocolatey flavor that stays in the tongue.

Aside from the unique taste and aroma of the coffee, it also offers many health benefits such as it lowers the risks of breast cancer, prevents neurological diseases and diabetes, and protects the teeth and skin.



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