What Is a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Commercial bean to cup coffee machines combine excellent drink quality with ease of use. As the name suggests they produce fresh coffee straight from the bean. There are fresh milk and powdered milk variations. A bean to cup coffee machine is ideal for coffee aficionados who seek top quality coffee, yet do not have the time or space for a traditional espresso machine and its associated accessories.

A bean to cup machine is basically an automated barista. Machines are fitted with integral grinders and coffee is ground freshly for each drink. These intelligent machines dose and tamp the coffee and self calibrate to produce exceptional espresso. The machine then heats and foams the milk and combines with the espresso to produce a drinks such as cappuccino, caffe latte and macchiato.

Advantages with bean to cup machines include the quality and consistency of the espresso. As espresso forms the base for all popular continental coffee drinks, it’s imperative it is at its finest. Commercial environments may have several different staff members operating the coffee machine and with traditional espresso machines this could mean inconsistent espresso. A bean to cup coffee machine eradicates this issue and guarantees consistency thanks to the simple push button selection process, no matter who is operating the machine, the espresso will always be the same.

A fresh milk bean to cup coffee machine is the closest thing to a traditional espresso machine you are going to get. They produce the drink from start to finish using all of the same processes a barista would, grinding, dosing, tamping, steaming and frothing and pouring. In essence they provide you with perfect espresso, expertly frothed and microfoamed fresh milk without the trained barista. The only thing they are unable to do is latte art however drink presentation is still superb. There are now AutoSteam machines available which provide more of a traditional feel. They are fitted with a unique steam wand that steams and foams milk by full automation, all that is left for you to do is mix the milk with the espresso.

Powdered milk machines are by far the most cost effective machines. Granulated skimmed milk products generally cost around half of their fresh counter part and are much easier to store. This milk is still frothed and foamed in the same way as liquid milk producing an excellent cup with a taste that in recent years has become difficult to tell apart from the real thing.

Commercial bean to cup coffee machines also incorporate automatic cleaning programmes making them not only simple to operate but also incredibly easy to maintain, fantastic advantages for any business.



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