What Gets Checked During An MOT?

As a car owner in the UK, one of the things that you will have to go through is an MOT test. Whether you’re going for an MOT Welling test or in one of the other Garages in Kent, they all have the same procedure when it comes to the MOT test. This means that you can expect the same results no matter where you go.

An MOT Test is part of the government’s attempt to ensure that people drive road-worthy vehicles. Once a car has hit three years of operating on the road, then it is required by the Ministry of Transport to undergo regular testing to see whether it is functioning well and meets the government standards. Both safety and environmental requirements are checked by the test. There are over 21,000 service centers all over the country that are qualified to administer the test and examination.

However, the MOT Test is very different from a normal service check. For one, it does not touch your engine, clutch, and gearbox. It focuses on the other parts of your car like your tires, electrical system, and more. Additionally, an MOT just tests your car. If nothing is wrong then your car will be left alone. But if the standards are not met, your car will have to be repaired until it meets them.

When going through the MOT, there are several parts of the car that gets checked:

Tire Check

The tires of your car will be checked to see if they are roadworthy. How much wear is assessed, while noticeable damage is checked for, and the age of the tire is asked? If the safety threshold is not met, the garage will have to repair your tires.

Light Check

Seeing and being seen on the road is important. This is why your lights are part of the MOT checks. If any of the lights fail, then they need to be replaced and made functional. You could do this beforehand though so that the MOT tester doesn’t waste his time.

Fluid Level Check

Your car functions via engine oil. You need to have sufficient amounts of it for the car to run correctly. Windscreen washer liquid is also checked. If lacking, your car will get a top-up or an oil change.

Brake checks

The brakes on your car are what ensure that you don’t get into an accident. You want brakes that allow your car to stop on a dime so that you don’t hit anyone or anything. There are several factors that affect how well your brakes work and they are all checked during the MOT test. When your brakes are faulty, that is an accident waiting to happen, which is why the MOT tester will try to get it functioning to safety standards.

Dashboard Light Check

Your dashboard lights tell you if something is wrong with your car. They need to work right and that is why the MOT tests them. Th eMOT focuses on the warning lights so that you know when your car is experiencing a problem.

Horn Check

Your car horn warns people on the road. It’s an important part of pedestrian safety, which is why it is part of the MOT check. If it doesn’t make a sound or is delayed, then it will be repaired.