What Do I Blog About Today?

Sooner or later the bloom of emotions will fade until one day no idea or word moves. So what are you doing to meet the deadlines you set yourself? Choose a keyword for your blog’s niche. Write down everything you don’t know. Don’t edit yourself until you’ve written 100 words.

Add content to each paragraph after editing. This content should look natural. Do a search engine search for the article directory. You’ll find hundreds of articles of free content organized by topic or genre. Publish the free article on your blog and give the authors their bio and credit link.


Make a list of good blogs in your niche. On this list, call or email to find a blogger to guest post with a link to their site. This post can talk about your vision of your niche. Readers who follow this blog will also come to you when you publish it. Promote or give away a free e-book on your blog.

The post for this will be shorter than your normal posts. It will also be easier to write. What are they giving away? Why are you giving it away? What do I have to do to get it?

What’s in it for me? Yes, Virginia, there are free e-books on the internet. Let your users know when you’ll be back with a blog post. This sets expectations of what you will actually do. friendly but concise why you are taking time off.


Use a cartoon, quote, or photo with just a few words for your post. He’s not a bad person because he doesn’t blog every day. Your audience deserves to know what you will do for them and how often. Don’t push yourself to post every day. Try three times a week.

I still want you to post everyday. You will find some days where you will write multiple posts. Edit, enhance and save these posts as drafts. to give you a series of posts.


Sorry, but in some of my posts the devil flourished. Please help me stake it! You deserve better and now I’m doing better with you. How long I can do this without a gap year remains to be seen. Dear reader, you will be the first to see it.

Thinking is good, talking is fun, complaining is gratifying, but writing a post will upset you with your readers.