What Are the Main Types of Coffee Beans?

In the process of making the morning coffee you are likely to have a choice of using the Robusta or the Arabica bean. These are the two most distinct types of coffee beans available. Used in about 70% of coffee beverages, the Arabica is certainly the most highly favoured of all the coffee species available, and the coffee bush is grown in all regions around the world. A great number of factors are likely to impact the flavour of the coffee, including the growing regions and the local environment.

Arabica: The flavour of the Arabica coffee is likely to vary quite significantly depending on where the beans have been cultivated in the world. Local foliage, weather, temperature, and soil can all impact on the end flavour of the Arabica. For instance, the beans produced in Latin America are noticed to offer a nutty finish with cocoa flavour and slightly bitter taste. Ethiopian Arabica beans offer a more floral taste with an easy, smooth finish, while the beans produced in Kenya are bitter in taste. In general, you will find that the most favoured of the Arabica beans produced in the world are those that are grown in various regions across Colombia. And these are able to offer a walnut after finish, a dark texture, and are very bold in taste.

Robusta: Similar to the Arabica, the Robusta coffee (also referred to as Canephor) is produced in various regions across the world. A common region for these beans to be planted includes Asia. Robusta coffee is known to include a higher volume of caffeine (up to 50% more) than what is seen with the milder Arabica. Also, you’ll find that these beans are likely to include less oil which means that they are likely to give a taste that is more bitter and acidic. Robusta coffee is the cheaper of the two options and is widely seen in many of the coffee blends worldwide on the supermarket shelves. Also, you will find that the Robusta coffee is used in some of the finest espresso blends, like Kona and Java.

Even though you’ll find there is a quite comprehensive choice of coffee beans grown in varies regions across the world, the most frequently used is always seen to be the Robusta or Arabica, or a coffee that is able to combine these two coffee beans. A quality selection of each type of coffee is certain to offer a wide range of tastes and flavours to enjoy.




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