What Are The Different Types of Rural Housing Loan Near Me?

Unless you have a large sum of cash in hand to buy your home entirely, you’ll definitely need to search for a Rural housing loan near me. There are different types of mortgages. Choosing the best one is dependent on your situation.

Considering that you’ll be paying the loan for a long period of time, you really need to weigh your options properly. Choose the one that meets your needs, and most importantly – your budget to avoid any problems with your loan later on.

The Different Types of Mortgages

First, to get an overview of what your options are, let’s first take a look at what are the main types of mortgages. Some mortgages are more stringent on its guidelines and requirements than others. Some of these loans require you to pay a down payment, while some do not. A few of these loans can be easily applied to by a quick search of a Rural Housing loan near me.

The main types of mortgages are:

  1. Conventional Mortgages – Conventional loans are loans not backed by the federal government. If you have good credit, stable employment and income, and is able to make a 3% down payment, you can quality for a conventional loan.
  2. Conforming Mortgage Loans – Conforming loans are bound by federal government-set maximum loan limits. These limits would vary by geographic location.
  3. Nonconforming Mortgage Loans – These are loans that cannot be sold or bought by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, due to the loan amount or underwriting guidelines. These loans include Jumbo loans, which are called Jumbo because they exceed the conforming loan limits.
  4. Government-Insured Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loans – These are loans open to the low-to-moderate-income house buyers. Borrowers in this type of loan can put as little as 3.5% of the home’s purchase price. Borrowers that can’t quality for conventional loans can pick an FHA loan, since they have more relaxed requirements. The only catch to the loan is that borrowers must pay an upfront and annual mortgage insurance premium – a mortgage insurance protecting lenders from borrower default for the rest of the loan’s lifetime.
  5. Government-Insured Veterans Affairs (VA) Loans – A pretty straightforward-named loan. This loan is for those people that have served in the military. This is a loan where a down payment is not required.
  6. Government-Insured U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Loans – This loan works like the VA loan, wherein no down payment is required. What sets this loan apart is the fact that USDA home loans in Alabama near me only are available for houses in the rural area of the country.

USDA Housing Loan in Alabama

Alabama is a top contender when it comes to the definition of a rural area. Almost 95.64 percent of the state’s land area is given a rural status. So, if you’re thinking of the best option for you when moving to this state, USDA home loans in Alabama near me is the search you should be doing locally and online.