What Are Different Body Types And How Do The Use Of Supplements And Steroids Affect Each Body Type?

By looking at people around you, you can see that every person has a different physique or body. Some may be short, some tall, some may think while some may be thick. Body type is an old term that is used to classify human shapes into different types. Mainly body shape is classified into 3 main types. These include:


Endomorphs are classified as the ones who have the tendency to grow thick and are naturally heavier and are prone to store fat. Generally, their body type is soft. They are usually shorter in build type but have thick arms and legs. But despite being heavy their muscles, especially of lower extremities, are strong and they are strong in leg exercises. 


Mesomorphs on the other hand have a large bone structure meaning they have a relative predominance of muscles, tissues, and bones. They generally have an athletic physique. They are best when it comes to bodybuilding. They are naturally strong and can easily gain and lose weight. They tend to have a more dynamic personalities and are more aggressive.  Mesomorphs tend to be GH dominant and testosterone dominant as well which is the reason behind them being muscular and having low body fat. 


Ectomorphs are more linear and skinnier. They have a light build consisting of small joints and have lean muscles. They have narrow shoulders and hips. They tend to have a fast metabolism which makes it very difficult to gain mass. 


The concept of body type also known as somatotype was given back in the mid-90s by Dr. Sheldon who classified somatotype into three categories. In those times it was thought that a person’s body type cannot be changed. However, it should be noted that there is not a single person who has purely one somatotype; instead a person’s body constantly changes and falls between all three types. 

Characteristics Of Endomorphs, Mesomorphs, And Ectomorphs

Traits Of Endomorphs:

  • They find it hard to lose fat.
  • They have a round physique.
  • Are generally short.
  • Have a round and soft body.
  • Have a slow metabolism.

Traits Of Mesomorphs:

  • Are strong and have an athletic body.
  • Have well-defined muscles.
  • They tend to gain weight more easily than ectomorphs.
  • Have overall a hard body.
  • They tend to gain muscles easily.

Traits Of Ectomorphs:

  • Have a delicate frame.
  • Characterized by a flat chest.
  • Thin.
  • Fast metabolism.
  • Lean muscle mass.
  • It is difficult for them to gain weight.

Supplements And Body Types

The type and nature of steroids and supplements for each body type tend to be different. As endomorphs are heavier than the remaining two types they require such supplements or steroids that help them gain lean and strong muscle without gaining weight. While the ectomorphs need supplements to gain weight. 

Supplements To Be Used By Endomorphs

Endomorphs because of their bulky structure need to consume weight loss supplements to look thin. It is best recommended for endomorphs to go with ISOLATE proteins. These provide a rich amount of protein to the body which is essential for weight loss. It helps to increase metabolism in the body which helps in reducing weight. Also by taking isolated proteins one can build muscles. Although protein can be obtained from natural sources of food like fish, eggs, meat, and lentils there are different isolate proteins that are supplements that can increase the amount of protein in the body. Endomorphs can also take whey protein for this purpose. Some of the isolated protein and whey protein supplements include:

  1. Isopure.
  2. Muscletech premium whey isolate
  3. Myofusion
  4. optimum nutrition 100% gold standard
  5. BPI Sportz ISO HD
  6. GNC AMP Pure Isolate powder

Supplements To Be Used By Ectomorphs

As ectomorphs are characterized by having a thin and skinny structure they require such supplements through which they can gain weight and build muscles. Therefore they should consume a diet that is rich in calories. They should eat foods like whole eggs, fish, chicken, turkey, etc. They should also consume oils like fish and hemp oil. The best muscle building supplements for ectomorphs are:

  1. Creapure creatine.
  2. Whey protein.
  3. Caffeine.
  4. Calcium and zinc.
  5. Carnitine and taurine.
  6. Omega-3 fatty acids.
  7. Maltodextrin.

Supplements To Be Used By Mesomorphs:

A natural mesomorph diet contains a mixture of proteins, carbs, and fats. It should be a well-balanced diet that should focus on whole grains and healthy fats. They can also take more calories which can be easily burnt due to the fast metabolism rate. It is best recommended to increase carbs intake if you are a mesomorph. The split should be as follows: carbs should be 40% while protein and fats should be 30% respectively. The supplements which are best for mesomorphs should be the ones that support their training and contain carbs and also at the same time are best for performance and recovery. The most common mesomorphs supplements are:

  1. Elevate.
  2. Creatine.
  3. Informed whey.

These supplements help them to maintain their muscular physique and they can respond well to training. 

Steroids Which Somatotypes Can Use:

Ectomorphs who are thin and skinny need to gain muscle and weight and build strength at the same time. Anabolic steroids can be of benefit for them to achieve the required targets. The supplements which they can use are Dianabol, testosterone enanthate, and Nandrolone. Endomorphs do best on a high protein and moderate fat diet with low carb content. They require a lot of training and lots of cardio to shrink. They can use propionate and testosterone esters for this purpose. Mesomorphs can consume anastrozole, testosterone enanthate, and prolactin. Also, progesterone consumption is also recommended. All these steroids or supplements and even whey proteins can be easily available through online drug stores or pharmacies in the UK with easy payment options and safe and next-day delivery. 


It is very important that you know what body type you are so you can apply the correct discipline of workout, diet, and sleep patterns to your lifestyle. By knowing what characteristics your body possesses you are in more control of your physique and avoid unnecessary exertion.

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