What About Bifold Closet Doors

The normal everyday swinging closet doors has advantages and disadvantages. The good thing about a hinged closet door is that it gives you a good solid surface for you to add closet decorations or a full-length mirror on the door to enhance your room. The bad thing about this type of door is that the immediate area within the swinging arc of the closet doors must be clear of any items for you to comfortably have full access to the closet space within.

Even sliding closet doors come with some disadvantages. When you slide open the closet doors, there will always be one side that remains closed. If your closet has dual sliding doors, then you can only access one area of your closet at a time. Even with three sliding closet doors, there will still be one section of the closet that is blocked. Sliding doors will work really if you can slide them into the walls, but not many people have that luxury.

When you don’t have a lot of space to spare for swinging open closet doors and you really need to access everything at once, then a bifold closet door is the answer. For small closets, one set one bifold doors is enough to comfortably operate. If your closet is wide enough, two bifold closet doors coming from opposite ends would be the solution of choice. The folds of the doors are usually too small to hang a full-length mirror on but creative decorating will make the closet blend into the architectural effects of your room.

Bifold closet doors will work with any kind of closet, be it reach-in or walk-in. The most important feature for a bifold closet door is the rails on which it rests on. The performance of the bifold closet door depends heavily on how well it glides on its rails. Due to this fact, it is advisable to have a professional install the bifold closet door for you. Once proper installation is done, all it takes is some grease on the rails to keep the doors operating smoothly.



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