Welcome Back Winter – Getting Back on Your Skis!

It’s been a while since you were last gliding down those slopes on a piece of equipment of your choosing – maybe even a whole year since you visited Les Menuires. Ski years work differently though and while this may not seem like a particularly long time, if you haven’t been making regular trips to the gym (a curse for many people in busy jobs) then you may be in for a little shock after your first day of snow fun. Here are a few tips that will help you make that transition from aching to amazing.

Leave ‘Leo Lacroix’ alone!

Last time you were in Les Menuires, ski slopes may have quaked in your wake, but after a year of doing only sporadic exercise, you are not at the same physical peak as you were at the end of last year’s season. With this in mind, it is probably best that you don’t attempt the Leo Lacriox run first. Maybe take things down a notch or two and start with some of the intermediate slopes until you begin to get your rhythm back.

Baby Steps First!

Also remember that you are not skiing for England in a sporting event, so there is no need to be the first person down the piste. For the first day or two take it easy and slowly build up as skiing can be dangerous whatever level you are at, and it is best to be sensible rather than careless.

This also may be the first hard exercise you have done in a while so you don’t want to overdo it on your first day. You can be up with the lark, but make sure you are not the last person on the piste – you will regret it the next day. Do half a day for a couple of days, and then work up to a full day.

Rediscover your technique

While away from the slopes and Les Menuires, ski memories may seem like a distant dream. People often find that they forget their technique while away from the piste concentrating on their everyday routines. So maybe take a quick refresher course on your first day – just to make sure that you are not picking up any bad habits – it has been a while since you put on those heavy ski boots after all!

Stretch Morning, Noon, and Night

Remember to stretch, especially during those first few days, and continue to do it regularly throughout the day. Stretch before you fall asleep on your first day in Les Menuires, as ski equipment can be heavy and strain the muscles, which have probably contracted due to the travelling you have been doing to get to the slopes. Stretch when you wake up, before you hit the slopes so your muscles are nice and limber, and again after you have finished for the day. Before you make your way to the bar for that post-ski drink, around 20-40 minutes after you have completed your last run, take the time to stretch those tired limbs out – you have just given them the workout of a lifetime!