Ways To Lower Blood Pressure Fast – Knock 10 Points Off Now!

If you suffer from high blood pressure you already know how miserable life can be. Hypertension is nothing to mess around with but if you don’t do anything the best you will ever feel is the way you feel today. If you’d like to learn how to lower pressure fast just keep reading.

If you are on medication stay on it. Quitting hypertension medicine cold turkey can have disastrous affects. Do try these natural approaches to lowering blood pressure and as they work, consult with your doctor about reducing dosages of medication.

The fastest way to lower your pressure is through daily aerobic exercise. A thirty minute walk or bicycle ride can drop your BP about 2 points immediately and it will stay there for roughly 24 hours. Regular exercise will also strengthen your heart muscle and burn off stress related chemicals in your blood.

The Three Day Diet To Lower Blood Pressure

Try these three natural approaches for three days and watch your pressure drop 10 points.

  • Three teaspoons of apple vinegar mixed in a half glass of water. Nobody knows exactly why this works but it does. Take the mixture each morning for three days.
  • Take a garlic supplement, or if you are a purist and love garlic, eat three to five cloves a day. Garlic has been used as a medicinal drug for centuries and is an abundant source of antioxidants.
  • You need a good source of Omega-3 and you can pretty much forget about finding it in fish anymore. Most salmon are farm raised and fed junk. Only use fish that are classified as “wild” otherwise take a supplement.

These three natural remedies working together are great ways to lower blood pressure fast and show you the value of a natural approach to your condition.


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