Wandering on the Seashore

I live in a city far from the sea, I had never seen the sea in the first twenty years, but that could never stop my eager and dreamy thinking to the sea. There seems to be a magic power hold by the sea to attract me when I was a little child.

When I was a child, I often read the books about the sea, which in my eyes is glorious and mysterious at that time. From then on I wish one day I could walk freely on the seashore, enjoying the coldness of sea breezes and appreciating the beautiful scenery of the nature.

The day comes at last. Wandering on the sandy seashore, I can’t help exciting as the view spread before me is every bit as spectacular and attracting as I thought. The sun is shining brightly in the pure blue sky, and the surface of the sea is glittering in sunlight. In the sea, frequently a ship cleaves through water, sounding a siren. Sometimes a fishing boat sails slowly in the distance as if a sheet of leaf floating down the water. Now and then, I can even see a sea gull or two skip over the surface of the sea.

Instead of the noise of the busy city, what I hear is the water licking rhythmically at my feet. When the wind is blowing, the waves beating at the rocks sound like the music played by the sea.

Wandering leisurely on the seashore, I feel as if I have thrown away all the unhappiness in my mind. My heart has been taken up by the happiness of enjoying the pleasant scenery. Being close to the nature can make the strained world remote.



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