Visit a Winter Wonderland!

Holidays are special for many reasons. Each one brings lasting memories of those unique moments you have while you are away. Your spare time is precious, so when choosing your ski destination you want to be sure of good snow-cover, quality accommodation, comfortable flights, a quick and easy journey to resort (especially if you are travelling with children!), fine food and plenty of new experiences.

Why not try something different and take the family to a true winter wonderland in Scandinavia?

Ten reasons to try Sweden and Norway

• Guaranteed snow for long seasons – due to the resorts’ northerly latitude there’s great snow right through to Easter and beyond
• Space on the mountain – these resorts are far less crowded even on peak dates compared to main European destinations
• Friendly and efficient service – the locals love the English and are genuinely happy to welcome them in their resorts
• Superb ski schools -beginners are well catered for with small group sizes and easily accessible learner slopes
• Something special – try somewhere different, off the well beaten track
• Saunas – there are many opportunities to stay in a hotel or cabin that offers a sauna for a real taste of Scandinavia
• Style – there’s no disputing that the Scandinavians have a natural flair for interior design
• Log cabins – you don’t get them in many other places outside Norway & Sweden. People love them with all the wood finishing and cosy interiors…
• Culinary delights – talented chefs producing some of the best designer food in the world
• Activities – there are so many things to do when you are not skiing, like husky safaris and visiting Santa!

Activities galore

We’ve put together a selection of the most popular activities in our Swedish and Norwegian resorts, from husky driving to meeting Santa!

• Husky dog safari
This is one of the most popular activities in Geilo, Norway – it’s more of a mini adventure giving you a feel for this great mode of winter transport used for many years across the snowy landscapes of Norway. Visit the husky centre where you will meet the dogs and be given simple instructions about how to drive or ‘mush’ a husky team. Then you’ll take a 5km sleigh ride out over the frozen lake or through the surrounding forests. You’ll be amazed by the excitement of the huskies as they run through the snow – a real treat for adults and children alike!

• Snowmobile course
This is a great way to try out this amazing sport, which is a part of daily life up in the snowy mountains. Take the 700m course challenge – with varied terrain and some tricky turn. Feel the rush of wind on your face as you fly through the snowy landscape – it really gets the adrenaline flowing! You’ll need warm ski outerwear and gloves. You’ll be given a short introduction to the controls and how to drive a snowmobile and use of a safety helmet.

• Snowrafting
Ever seen a boat gliding down a mountain? Here’s you chance – it’s great fun for all ages and you have to see it to believe it! Go on, have a hoot with your friends as you fly down a carefully prepared gully on the mountainside in an inflatable raft. It’s a very different way to finish off the day with four or five runs on a snowraft.

• Ice igloo in a frozen waterfall
Tännforsen – Sweden’s mightiest waterfall has battled hard to earn its protected status; it has been a nature reserve since 1971. During the winter the waterfall freezes, and the ice magically creates formations and caves, which are lit up at night. By Christmas time the magnificent ice igloo is ready – sculpted from the frozen water, inside the igloo there are many rooms, a great auditorium with 100 seats and a beautiful bar made from ice. By the end of April the igloo disappears into Tännforsen’s rapid-flowing waters. On the trip you will stop for a traditional Swedish Fika – a coffee with waffles.

• Visit Santa in the forest
Bring the whole family to the shore of Lake Åre, Sweden and you will be taken by snowmobile and sleds to Santa’s place. After a short ride on the frozen lake you will arrive at a hidden area where Santa rests in between delivering Christmas presents. Let the children enjoy the magical moment of meeting Santa and sitting by his fire in the “kåta” (tepee). You’ll be offered “Glögg”, a Swedish Christmas beverage, and a “Lusse bulle”, a very special saffron bun always served at Santa’s. He’ll tell stories about how he and his elves struggle to deliver all the Christmas presents in time!


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