Vegetable Soups – The Best of the Best

Vegetable soup can be one of the most universal foods there is. There is so many different ways to prepare it. But the best vegetable soups ever prepared where made fresh from home grown gardens. Everything you need can be grown at home even to the spices you use.

When looking for plants to grow in your garden you’ll find many different types of foods, not sold in your local grocery store. There are so many different types of tomatoes or carrots that most people haven’t even heard of.

I’ll never forget the day a friend offered me a piece of watermelon from their garden and I “gasp” as they cut it open and it was Yellow inside! Then they opened another and it was orange. I had no idea such a thing even existed! It was as exciting as the day I discovered purple carrots! How exotic! Foods became very interesting and I found that gardening was necessary to obtain some of these new foods!

It also made me wonder? What are we missing from our diets? We cant possibly be getting all we need through our vegetables if there are so many different vegetables missing from our diets. Why were there so many different things not sold? Why did none of our recipe books call for any of these foods? That there answered my question. Grocery stores sale what people use and people use what goes in their recipes.


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