Using Automatic Coffee Machines to Make Espresso

The espresso method of brewing coffee is the most demanding of all. All the ingredients and techniques have to be exact. Your coffee grind can’t be too coarse or too fine. The brewing water has to have the right temperature and can’t be in contact with the coffee too long or too quickly. Automatic coffee machines specifically made to produce espresso are a great help for those who would like a good shot of this brown liquid without sweating it out too much. However, you still need to observe certain things to make sure you’ll have a satisfying espresso shot.

You first have to select good coffee beans. Espresso is not a particular type of bean. It’s actually a method of quickly brewing coffee under pressure. You can actually use any coffee bean you wish. Just make sure it isn’t stale. It would be best if you have a grinder at home, so you can buy whole beans and grind it just before you make your espresso.

The quality of water is very important, too. You might wonder why the coffee that you ordered in the coffee chain outlet in a certain area is much better than the store of the same coffee chain near your place. Usually, it’s the water that makes the coffee better. Some experts say that you should choose water that tastes clean and fresh – none of the chlorine-like or chemical taste.

Among the coffee machines for sale in the market these days, the DeLonghi, Saeco, and Gaggia brands are among those reviewed as convenient equipment and producers of good espresso shots. Many expert baristas recommend machines with portafilters that can hold 7 grams of coffee and deliver 1 ounce of beautiful espresso in about 25 seconds maximum.

Purists might always lecture you that the perfect extraction rate of an espresso is 19 percent of the dry weight of your ground coffee. You may opt to take out a calculator and get the exact numbers, but the satisfaction will still rely on your senses in the end.


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