Unique and Delicious Gourmet Coffee Gift Ideas!

Shopping for friends, coworkers, neighbors and loved ones does not have to be a dreadful experience. More than likely the person you are shopping for drinks coffee. If that is the case, then a gourmet coffee gift can be a perfect gift that you know will be put to good use! The great thing about these types of gifts are you can personalize them and make them as simple or elaborate as you would like. The sky is the limit with a gourmet coffee gift!

Shopping for a gourmet coffee lover doesn’t just mean getting another coffee cup, though that’s a completely acceptable idea. If you are not a coffee drinker yourself, you might think that coffee is just coffee and it really doesn’t matter what you purchase. That is not the case, as any true lover of gourmet coffee can tell you. If you are looking to impress, think about buying beans from the gourmet coffee specific regions. Some of the best beans hail from the Jamaican Blue Mountain region, Kona coffee form the gorgeous hills of Hawaii and the most impressive gourmet coffee of all – Kopi Luwak. Picking up a pound of these beans and giving it with a simple card would be a lovely gift for any true coffee-lover!

Another delicious idea would be to sign up for a coffee of the month club. This is a great way for the gift recipient to try different kinds of beans and find the kind they truly love. If that is too expensive for your budge think about putting together a beautiful gourmet coffee gift basket. This is where your creativity will shine! Think of including things in the basket such as: a cute coffee mug, mocha scented candles, chocolate covered espresso beans, a cookbook for biscotti or other baked delights, and of course a delicious bag of beans! I also like to include a coffee bean grinder. If the recipient already has one that is OK, as these can also be used for spices!

If you are looking for a casual gift for a coworker, or an office exchange party, think about giving a gift card to the local coffeehouse. This is a great idea for the friend or coworker to try some new places and possibly some new drinks! I like to think about giving a gift that I would love to receive, and as a true coffee-lover and fanatic, I can think of nothing better than these types of gifts!



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