Understanding Gourmet Coffee Labels And Roasts

Coffee is a staple in many morning routines. Why not make it better by choosing a gourmet coffee? This type of coffee tastes better and offers a nice pick me up in the morning and throughout the day. When choosing gourmet it is important to understand the differences between roasts and labels.

Understanding Beans

Coffee comes in many different types of beans. The most common, and expensive is Arabica. This is because it offers a complex flavor and is also available in multiple varieties. These varieties include Bourbon, Blue Mountain and Typica. If you’re looking for a more caffeinated blend then you may want to choose Robusta beans. They are used as a filler for lesser quality coffees, however offer more caffeine, it also has a more bitter taste. It is important to also look at the origin of the beans. Some companies do not list the origin. However, if you are able to find it based on country, region, and even farm, you will have a better idea of the quality of the bean.

Roast Information

The type of roast is important when determining the best type of gourmet beans. Roasts do not usually indicate how strong a coffee is, but more how long the beans were roasted. For example, a light roast will be the closest to the true flavor of a coffee bean. This is because it was not roasted as long. Medium roasts will be sweater because during the roasting process the sugars were caramelized. The dark roasts tend to offer a smoky taste. Often, coffee companies will mask a flavor by labeling it a dark roast. This is the case for those coffee’s labeled “French roast” and “Italian Roast”.

When it comes to purchasing the best gourmet beans, it is important to go with the tastes you like the best. If you like the true coffee taste, then go for lighter roasts and Arabica beans. If you like a smokier taste then go for a dark roast. If you are in need of serious caffeine then go for the Robusta beans. Some other key tips when buying gourmet coffee include the type of bag they are in as well as the roast date. When purchasing coffee you want to ensure that the packages have one-way valves. This will allow the coffee to stay fresher longer. The roast date is important as well, this date is not the same as the sell by date. If there is no roast date on the bag then it is not worth purchasing. This is because if beans are more than one month old then the beans will be stale due to the aromatics that seeped out of them.



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