Unbeatable Coffee Sharing Secrets


Many conversations over coffee may begin between friends addressing a deeper subject and skirt around the corner to satisfy the itch for a hardy belly laugh. Try these suggestions on for size.

Your friend Chris comes over and is downhearted. Diligently he is searching for a wife. So as not to get caught up in the hullabaloo of the neighborhood scandal… he establishes he knows he’s single and happy enough and blurts out, “Nosey people have to make sure I am as miserable as they are”.

You know why Chris is here. You’ve already been briefed by the around-the-corner Mrs. Nosey and the grapevine is hot. Match making skills are active on the horizon and love is in the air.

You open the door, put the cat on the front porch, and grab two favorite mugs off the rack. This visit looks serious. Reading his body language you have unmistakably assessed he is in need of drastic undivided attention. The survey begins: “I can’t deliver you a SWEETIE at this particular moment in time, so let’s check off the next most important item on your agenda.

Tell me, will a hot cup of coffee, a peanut butter cookie, and the best company in a long while soothe the aching heart for now? I’m fresh out of Kona. I will have to order up some and brew a pot for next visit.

Your friend finds himself immediately feeling at ease. Friendships of this caliber are golden. Chris is hooked on Kona; he’ll be back lickety-split to finish this what-looks-to-be a formulating disaster. Coffee wins again!

No immediate gratification scheme could ever satisfy the broke like a visit between buds pining over a freshly brewed mug of the Favorite Brown Brew. Gourmet grinding and brewing on the spot is always in season. ‘Works wonders and tames the droop while gathering composure and readying for the serious ’bout ahead’ Grandmothers will tout.

Another approach might go like this: Let’s say your cousin Alberta comes over with head hanging low. Bert needs merely a laugh to bring sunshine into the day. She has just been shopping for tennis shoes and the feet hurt. Scurrying about, you put on the coffee and slip on a dog toy, toss cat outside, rip your shirt on the door-jam, and hopefully laugh while you are grabbing the coffee mugs. Past swipes with the door jamb proves an additional half-full will mug infuse enough buzz to mend that shirt to the original state, so you get on with it. She’s torn and you’re ripped.

Try this one on for a hoot: Attempting to make a cool move, you grab the latest treasure in your bag of tricks. Scanning out of the corner of your eye the newly crafted coffee table book, THE CAT STRIKES BACK, impulsively you want to show off.

By now you are sipping on the finest drink on the planet known to humankind surrounded completely by onlookers and friends. The cat scratches at the front door, you open up as usual. Low and behold he totes a squirming gopher into the living room.

The dog chases the cat through the kitchen, backtracks into the living room, the varmint heaves a leap onto the coffee table book tipping two coffees over onto the dish of Divine Divinity planned as a surprise treat alongside the coffee.

Inciting a huge roar of screams and laughter, as the gopher swaggers out the front door, you exhaust onto the couch. The cat merely gives up entirely. By now Thomas is flopped down slapping his tail on the floor, yowling for gourmet coffee topped with Squirty-Whipped cream in his gourmet kitty mug. He’ll be buzzin’.

And, this one always works: On a calm unassuming day, you have just brewed some fine Italian espresso. This dark delight is without question the finest coffee you have ever tasted.

Your friend Elbert the ice cream truck driver drops in to say hello following his route of Thursday’s kid street. You orchestrate the usual coffee set-up. This time there’s a new bag of gourmet beans smiling in the coffee basket by the pot awaiting trial consumption. Over the first sip, Elbert swoons, gazes off, and tosses a huge smile, muttering something to resemble, “This is the best coffee gracing my lips in the past two decades. Girl, you did it again. How’d you manage to pull it off another time, Teri?” Your day blossoms into smiles and roses once more!

Freshly roasted gourmet Italian coffee beans harbor impeccable taste. Readily available on many select e-commerce gourmet coffee sites, Fine Italian coffees may be discovered in specialty coffee shops.

Be an informed coffee consumer, and never trust your taste buds with less than the best gourmet brew. They will revolt!!!

Coffee connoisseurs reasonably purchase gourmet coffee beans on the internet conjugating from $10.00-$30.00/lb.

Comparing types of coffee beans will tell the story. Robusta beans, unlike Arabica beans, tend to crop out as inferior quality in the coffee world; they are sometimes used to create blends of coffee when used in tandem with gourmet quality Arabica beans.

Choose gourmet coffee beans to sensationalize your taste buds. Enhance conversations among friends and associates. Brew THE BROWN BREW. Strike while the pot is hot!

Contributing to education and enlightenment consider: Comparing types of coffee beans will tell the story. Robusta beans, unlike Arabica beans, tend to crop out as inferior quality in the coffee world; they are sometimes used to create blends of coffee when used in tandem with gourmet quality Arabica beans.Robusta beans add a robust bite that charm the palate of many coffee drinkers. The addition of Robusta beans to the Arabica adds flair and charm that is unachievable any other way. Robusta alone has a bitter “bite” flavor.



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