Two Soups for a Bachelor – Or Any Single Gal

As a bachelor of long-standing I am always looking for speedy and tasty solutions to eating at home, where taste is not compromised but preparation is still possible. Here are two recipes that are typical for single folks to use, but are hearty, tasty and good comfort evening meals.

Cauliflower/Butternut Soup

Take half a cauliflower and half a butternut, both of about the same bulk size.Cut into one pieces and place in large pot containing about one and a half inches of water. Simmer this adding some seasoning and two small blocks of chicken stock cubes [One inch cube]. Cover with lid and simmer for say 15 min until very soft. Set pot aside to cool for 5 min. Insert a hand stick blender and begin to blend the veg. slowly adding water to the soup as required taking care not to end up with a soup that is too watery. Really you want a sort of puree consistency for that hearty effect. Place back on the simmer for a few minutes adding final taste seasoning to suite.

You could also add any of the following:

* Tablespoon of ketchup.
* Pinch of cayenne pepper.
* Pinch of curry powder,or cumin powder.
* Tablespoon of olive oil.
* Teaspoon of Worcester sauce.
* Large handful of diced parsley or celery.

Remove from cooking plate and enjoy with toast. Remainder freezes well, but set this aside and do not add the parsley or celery. Variations on this could be pumpkin / broccoli or yam / butternut or any variation that inspires you. Broccoli or cauliflower loves a chunk of sharp cheese added, say a blue cheese. Be sure that it melts in well.

Chicken/Leek Soup


1 small chicken cut up into chunks, say 1-2 inch piece size 2/3 large leeks 2 one inch chicken stock cubes 2 large potato’s cut into one inch pieces 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 tablespoon cornflower pepper & salt to taste. French or other herb seasoning

Simmer the leeks in a large pot with one and a half inches if water. After the leeks have reduced in volume, add the other ingredients starting with the chicken pieces. Add water as is necessary but try to keep this low as you are trying to get more of a stew effect here. Simmer with pot lid covering, turning over now and then so as to cook the ingredients evenly. I like to do this till the chicken is starting to fall of the bone Add any extra seasoning to taste. Finally thicken with the corn flower dissolved in a small amount of water in a cup and added stirring to the soup/stew.


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