Turkish Coffee – Uncovering the Secrets of a Unique Coffee

Turkish coffee is an unknown beverage to many coffee drinkers. It is actually the earliest known caffeine drink. The questions of what is it and how is it prepared are viewed as the most frequent ones that people ask.

What is Turkish coffee?
There are a few debates about this question among experts of the Turkish coffee subject. They are separated into two main categories.

(A) The type. Turkish style coffee is the only powder ground coffee. Roasted beans are ground very finely until a powder coffee substance comes out of the mill.
(B) Making method. This brewing is the first method of coffee preparation in the world. It was invented by the Turks around 1600 AD.

The answer to this question is the combination of both categories. Turkish coffee is a powder type coffee that you brew it in a unique method.

There are many countries in the world that drink this hot beverage as the main caffeine drink in their everyday life. Most of them though, if not all, have changed the original name to resemble mostly their ethnic or region identities. Greek, Serbian, Armenian, Israeli and Arabic coffee are a few examples.

How to make Turkish coffee.
Its brewing method is considered unique. It is the only coffee that you actually cook it. The coffee must come to a simmer point while brewing. This is the major difference of Turkish coffee to the other brewing methods (Espresso, Drip filtration, French press, etc.). Other dissimilarities include the thick-rich foam on the top and the grounds at the bottom of the demitasse cup.

Have also in mind the following small details before you proceed to make it:
– You add sugar in the beginning of its brewing process (if you are going to use).
– Turkish coffee is a black, strong coffee. You make it with water. You don’t serve it with milk on the side.
– You don’t need any spoon in the serving saucer. You don’t stir because the grounds must settle at the bottom of the cup.

You can follow this simple recipe for great results.
(1) First of all you should acquire a special coffee pot which is the most suitable utensil to hold the foam of the coffee. Then you mix in the pot ground Turkish style coffee (1 full teaspoon per person) with cold water (1 demitasse cup per person) and sugar (optional & depending on taste – usually 1 teaspoon is considered enough).
(2) Place the pot on low heat. Stir its contents well and let it cook for a while. Before the coffee reaches the boiling point, remove the pot from the heat. Allow the froth to settle down. Follow this procedure for 2 more times.
(3) Divide coffee and foam into demitasse cups. (A failure to produce enough foam for all persons is regarded as a non-successful brewing attempt). Serve with a glass of cold water.

The glass of water issue is very important in Turkish coffee serving. Since the coffee is strong and bitter water will clean your palate and will prepare the mouth for the flavor. If you want to show professionalism in serving then you can accompany it with Turkish delights (small pieces of soft, sugar dusted candies with gummy texture).



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