Top Snowboard Destinations in Europe

Europe has some of the most amazing snowboarding destinations out there so if you want to experience the best in the country then you should definitely check out some of these.

Xcape Bbuilding Snowzone in the UK

This is one of the coolest indoor snowboarding facilities in the UK. You pay by the hour and there are boots and boards for you to rent there too. The best thing about an indoor arena is that you can easily find instructors. Overall this area is the best for beginners looking to learn.

Sölden at Oetztal in Austria

This is hands down one of the most beautiful snowboard resorts in Europe. They have three giant, killer slopes and once you get the board down you can even go night boarding. Since this place is a resort it has a pretty happening night life too. Drinks and dancing can fill your time in between your board time.

LAAX in Switzerland

This arena hosts some of the biggest snowboarding events in the world, and it is definitely one to check out on your journey across Europe. You will not find more half-pipes anywhere else than here and there are more killer slopes than you can concur in three days. While there are a lot of things for the experts there are plenty of places for the beginners here too.

Tignes in France

Yes, named after the famous river, it is one of the only places in France that really welcomes the snowboarders and their lifestyle. This place is definitely not the place to go if you are looking for long tree runs though because it is definitely designed more for perfecting your grade and certain tricks. This is also a must try.

St Anton in Austria

If you are looking for a main stream hot spot then this is your best bet. This place is heaven for people who love to free style and the slopes are huge. This definitely isn’t the place for beginners or the weak-willed so if you are looking for a real thrill, try this place out.

While you are doing your traveling to hit all these great snowboarding venues, you may want to consider travel insurance just in case any medical emergencies come up while you are hitting the slopes.