Top 5 Myth Busting Facts about MLM Business

We all know about direct selling MLM company in India(MLM) business – at least have an idea. At some point in our life, we get invitations from our circle (Relatives, Friends, Known people), to attend a seminar or discussion. When we reach there we see what the thing is all about – It’s MLM business plan. The main reason behind the invitation is to motivate the person to join them, part of their team to sell some products.

This is what we see and feel it’s a kind of scam. I personally got several invitations and attended some of them. I also joined Oriflame quite a long time ago. But I didn’t like that idea of selling products very much at that time. Most of us really don’t like joining an MLM business and feel negative about it.

Until I came to work with a Multi-National Software Company, which sells advanced MLM Software to all the MLM business owners. I had to know all about the things about these kinds of business. After lots of research on the internet, I came to know that It’s not that bad what I thought about it. My views about the MLM business changed very much (not completely).

So I decided to show you some facts about the MLM business. I personally have no intention to make you join such a business. It’s up to you. But you can see these below-mentioned facts and get amazed.

  • MLM Business is a Scam: The first and foremost misconception about the MLM business is – MLM is a scam!!! Most of us think that way. But it’s not entirely true. Companies deploy MLM tactics to sell their products directly to customers via new representatives. The more people will join, the more sales it can generate. Instead of paying a monthly salary, you’re paying them the commissions generated from their sales. Does it look like a scam?

You heard about Amway, Avon, Oriflame, Modicare like companies. All of them sell a certain type of consumer product. Can you see scams in there?

  • Only the Top Position Holder Can make money: And here comes the common misconception number 2. If you can join any MLM Network at the early stage, only then you’ll have the chance to make good money! This is not the truth. The earning potential is completely depending on every individual who joins the Network. If you can sell, you’ll earn; If you can build a good team, you’ll earn. You can’t make money just by joining it at an early stage and do nothing. It’s all about the efforts and dedication.
  • MLM Doesn’t work: It is not just a myth, but also an excuse! We make these kinds of excuses to get rid of our networker friends/relatives. But let me show you some statistics.

In the year 2018, we witnessed $192.9 billion in revenue generated by MLM business, worldwide. Can you believe that? Here is a statistical chart of the Global MLM business from 2018.

  • MLM can’t make you rich: Well, the MLM Industry has generated most millionaires as compared to other industries. Only in the Network Marketing business, you can grow faster. Although not everyone gets success in here. As per the statistics, only 2-10% of people get rich in this business. And the focus shouldn’t be to get rich. Hard work, dedication, the effort is the key to success in here.
  • It’ll get saturated: You must think that one day you may not able to get any new members to recruit for your team. Because the number of humans on Earth is not unlimited. Such a common misconception.


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