Tool CoolTool Launches AI-Powered Webcam Eye Tracking

CoolTool, the developer of an AI-powered webcam eye tracking tool, today launched its product officially out of beta and into the world of paying customers.

The company aims to make eye tracking available to anyone looking to better understand how consumers interact with their marketing tools, but it also wants to change how businesses create the tools themselves by providing them with valuable insight from user behavior that they’ve never been able to capture before. CoolTool’s own CEO Mark Coolidge recently sat down with us in order to provide more insight into his company’s new tool and what he hopes it can accomplish moving forward.

A webcam powered by artificial intelligence might sound like the stuff of science fiction, but it’s actually a reality. CoolTool has just launched its eye tracking service, which allows you to use your webcam to control the mouse on your computer. It was trained with over 100,000 eye movements from volunteers and can now track your gaze with an accuracy of up to one degree in any direction. That makes for smooth and intuitive browsing experience that doesn’t require you to use a keyboard or touchpad at all.

You just have to look where you want to go, and then click once (or double-click) with your mouse to select a link. In addition to scrolling through web pages and dragging items across the screen, you can also right-click using your eyes, as long as your cursor is somewhere onscreen. Best of all? The whole process takes about five minutes to set up. And if you’re worried about what might happen if someone hacked into your webcam, rest assured that there’s security features built in—you’ll be asked for a password before starting the application. So start exploring the internet hands-free today!