Too Far From The Mountains For Winter Sports?

I’m envious of people living in Switzerland, Italy, Austria, France and other such countries. They probably don’t even realise just how lucky they are. Why do I wish that I lived in those areas of Europe? The answer is that they have great access to the mountains.

During the summer months, this means that they have some great areas in which to walk, cycle and watch the wildlife. It must be a great place to spend time, surrounded by some spectacular scenery. They have the opportunity to breathe that famous mountain air throughout the year.

But I’m particularly jealous of those who get to spend the winter months in these regions. That’s when they can really make the most of their surroundings. That’s the time of year when they get to take part in winter sports. It’s simply much easier to have a go at skiing or snowboarding when you’re a relatively short distance from some of the very best resorts.

Those of us living in the UK, on the other hand, don’t have quite such easy access to these locations. That’s not to say that we can’t make it there. We obviously have a few options when it comes to making such a journey, although the reality is that any such trips are likely to prove relatively expensive.

These expenses aren’t just caused by the travelling itself. We also find that we have to pay for accommodation once we reach a chosen resort. It would certainly be a lot easier if we lived locally and had our own base in the region. It means that we tend to have to limit how much time we’re able to spend skiing or snowboarding each year.

Fortunately, indoor ski centres back home do allow us to practice much more than was once the case. We can now try out various winter sports closer to home. It may not have quite the same atmosphere as being in those top French or Swiss resorts, but it does mean that we can take part in our favourite sports more often.

Living far from the best winter sports resorts is not an ideal situation for enthusiasts. In the end, however, we simply have to make the best of the situation in which we find ourselves.


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