Tips On Healthy Ways To Drink Coffee

Probably for you coffee is not just a drink but something that has, over time, become part of your lifestyle. Coffeehouses dotting various cities and towns have become social hubs for conducting business or meeting with friends. A cup to wake up, another on the way to work, one more at work and perhaps another in the evening. But, there is a big difference between a healthy way to drink coffee and downing three to four pots of coffee a day.

Coffee’s caffeine can help improve concentration and performance apart from boosting memory. The antioxidants also have numerous health benefits ranging from offering protection against gout and reducing the risk of diabetes (type 2) to reducing risk of numerous types of cancer. However, before you call for the next cup or pot – if you like, below are some of the tips you may need to know on drinking coffee the healthy way.

Go for organic coffee

Because conventional coffees are heavily sprayed with pesticides and lots of other chemicals to boost productivity, they may not be very healthy for you. There are various choices when it comes to organic coffees that you may request for, including ganoderma mushroom coffee. It is also important to stay away from flavored coffees as chances are that they contain artificial flavorings.

Listen to your body

Feeling the buzz of caffeine differs from person to person. Your friend may have a higher caffeine tolerance level than you. Most folks know their limit when it comes to drinking coffee unfortunately others may not. Listen to your body and know ‘when to’ or ‘when not to’ call for that next cup. Most studies carried out shows that drinking one to three cups of coffee a day falls on the side of the healthy way to drink coffee and does not negatively affect a healthy person. On the other hand, people with heart disease, pregnant women, children and those suffering from ulcers may need to regulate their caffeine intake.

Take caution when on medication

Some kinds of medication interact with caffeine. This makes it very important to talk to your doctor or pharmacist on the interaction of the drugs with caffeine, whenever on medication. Simply asking, ‘is drinking black coffee healthy?’ may not be helpful without mentioning whether you are under medication or not.

Choose your own sweetener and creamer

To avoid pumping in loads of fat and sugar into your system, choose your sweetener and creamer carefully. Getting rid of sugar once inside the body may be a tall order, but choosing the quantity to add should not be that hard, or is it?

Just stop and enjoy your coffee

We are in a world where so many ‘don’ts’ dominate the media when it come to the food we eat. Don’t eat this or that, don’t eat it this way – eat it that way and so many other scary stuff. As much as some of them are true, it is essential to realize that feeling guilty and harboring stressful thoughts about any food will make it unhealthier for you. Enjoy your coffee the right way and feel no guilt.


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