Timeshare Selling Tips – Sell Your Timeshare Without A Broker

Timeshare selling can turn out to be a pretty tough job. There are companies and brokers who either charge an upfront fee to do the job, or there is some hidden fee that is charged later in the process. The reason of writing this article is to help you sell your timeshare property all by yourself.
It is good to sell on your own

Once you have decided to sell your timeshare property, you’ll find that many companies will be kind enough to offer their services for doing the job, but don’t fall in their false trap. Most of these companies are fake, and they charge well against their services. Sometimes this fee is much more than their worth.

Some of you might be looking for selling the property quickly. This is the situation of which many agents take advantage of. They offer quick sales against a handful of upfront money, but the results are often very average. Going to these agents for quick selling is not a good idea.

Think about selling your timeshare yourself

If you’re looking to sell your vacation property, then the first thing you can do is to contact your resort. Many a times, the resort management is capable of helping in this regard. These people at resort can help because they are familiar with the location and they have enough contacts; therefore, resort is often in good position to help you with selling your property.

Next thing that you can do is to list the timeshare property on a free listing website. Before stepping forward to do this, remember to make a correct timeshare value assessment. Do not over or under estimate the value. In either case, you’ll be left with poor result. In order to make a correct value assessment, use any of the online websites that provide the service for free. All you need to enter is your contact information and the resort name, and you’ll get a correctly assessed value of your property.

While approaching to list your timeshare vacation property on any free listing website, check on ‘usfreeads.com’, ‘craigslist.org’ and ‘eBay.com’ sites. They are pretty helpful. Placing ads on these resources can actually sell your unit very quickly as well. All you need to do is to make a compelling ad along with some eye-catching images and an equally attractive price tag. In this way, you’ll get much quicker response, resulting in selling place rapidly.



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