Thought Provoking Book – Makes You Go “Hmm”

Ok, more than one disclaimers proper up front: 1) SuperFreakonomics is a follow-up ee-e book to the authors’ first ee-e book – Freakonomics. I did not examine Freakonomics, and because it turns out, you do not should examine the primary one to get the second one one – those are not vampire novels; 2) More than likely, I could now no longer have examine Super Freakonomics if I hadn’t been despatched a replica to review. Why? The word “freakonomics” is manner to shut to the word “economics” which, for a innovative individual like me, is a subject just like a bottle of wine – places me proper out. But I will let you know this – freakonomics is MUCH greater exciting than plain, antique economics. Here’s why:

In spite of the overly witty complete title – Super Freakonomics Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance – the ee-e book is genuinely a charming story of the way economics performs into even the maximum weird regions of cutting-edge life. I bet that’s what authors Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner desired to bring with that extravagant title – they ought to have simply allow the content material communicate for itself, however I know, its all approximately getting human beings to OPEN the ee-e book, I get it, clearly.

So anyway, lower back to Super Freakonomics. I clearly loved this ee-e book! I did snooze a piece via Chapter 3, however for the maximum part, right here are men with not anything to benefit besides royalties. They do not appear to have an overt political bend. They do not appear to need to persuade me that there’s best one proper manner to do matters. They’re now no longer promoting me whatever I do not already own. But what they may be doing is taking incongruent subjects, like Al Gore and Mount Pinatubo (ok, now no longer TOTALLY incongruent), prostitutes and Santa Claus, actual property dealers and pimps, and telling me that they do genuinely have some thing in not unusualplace and right here’s the way it results my life.

You see, we generally tend now no longer to attract the comparisons Steven and Stephen have drawn in Super Freakonomics. Most folks do not need to look those connections or cannot due to the fact we best clearly have a take a observe the floor of matters. The Steves have penetrated that floor and dove down deep. They’ve delivered to mild a few matters that make you go, “hmm.” Such because the hand-washing price of doctors – YES YOU HEARD ME. You’ll should examine that bankruptcy for your self as its pretty disturbing.

All in all, its a thought-frightening ee-e book that I noticeably propose you examine. If for not anything else than to offer you a bit angle on the arena round you, how we came and in which we will desire the destiny brings us. There’s a whole lot of what I accept as true with is truth, on this ee-e book. The bankruptcy on Global Warming is clearly a terrific one. But so is the Monkey bankruptcy.

Levitt and Dubner have really achieved a ton of studies and some other ton of analysis. Typical economists… But untypically, they have got written this ee-e book in this sort of manner to make all of it applicable to what is occurring in our global today. Thumbs up.