The Various Ways of Serving Coffee

Coffee is not only served depending on the different assortment they come in, currently the coffee houses have found a way to ensure the coffee lovers have different types of coffee depending on their varying tastes and this does not just include decaf and the regular coffee.

The most common types of coffee available include:


This type of coffee has more caffeine in it and a very strong taste as compared to the regular coffee hence is mostly served in small quantities that is, cups of about 2 ounces, its preparation includes the forcing of hot water with a certain amount of pressure via coffee that is finely ground and tightly packed so as to ensure the desired density and taste is acquired depending on what the buyer wants.


This is obtained through the mixing of the espresso coffee with milk and frothy milk, the milk used here has to be warm. Milk is heated up to form a foamy solution that is used to make the frothy milk them topped on the mixture of espresso and warm milk creating an artistic image though the creating of such images is not necessary and this depends on the specific people making the coffee, some coffee houses do some others do not, Cappuccino can also be served frozen or iced depending on one’s preferences, they are also served in larger quantities of about 6 to 12 ounces per cup.


This is almost the same as the cappuccino since it is made from espresso mixed with warm milk and sometimes a layer of frothy milk is placed on top, similarly, the amount of foamed milk on the latte is much smaller as compared to the cappuccino hence setting the difference between the two.

Turkish coffee

This out of all the different types of coffee may give one the impression that the difference is caused by the type of coffee bean used, rather this is also a different type of coffee due to its preparation method, this type of coffee is closely related to the espresso though made in the same way the Turkish coffee is even more stronger in taste since the coffee is not filtered off after boiling this makes the coffee relatively stronger and sugar is often added to the mixture in order to help reduce its bitterness.

Blended coffees

This is a different and less common kind of coffee, it includes mixing of coffee with other substances such as fruit juice, tea and spices or even chocolate, the more skilled coffee makers can blend a great mixture such as the pina colada coffee, peppermint spice mocha and the crème Brule roast. This kind of mixing brings a whole new perspective on the outlook of coffee.


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