The Unorthodox Way of Finishing Your Degree – A Student’s Story

Are you feeling stuck in the traditional academic path and looking for an alternative route to earning your degree? If so, you’re not alone. Many students find themselves in the same position and are looking for creative solutions. Today, we are going to hear from one student who found an unorthodox way of finishing their degree. In this blog post, they will share their story, detailing their experience and the unique path that they took. Through this story, we hope to provide other students with insight into the possibility of pursuing an alternative route to getting their degree.

Why I decided to take the unorthodox route

I was always a studious student, but I was also never afraid of taking risks and trying new things. When it came to deciding how I would finish my degree, I knew that I wanted to do something that was unconventional and outside the norm. 

I felt like I had already experienced a traditional academic path and I wanted to explore something new. So, I decided to pursue an unorthodox route. I chose to enroll in online classes and combine them with part-time jobs and volunteer work in order to gain some valuable skills while completing my degree.

My decision wasn’t necessarily an easy one. My family and friends were skeptical of this approach and worried that it would be too hard for me to juggle everything at once. They urged me to stick to a traditional educational path and thought that taking on a full-time job instead of finishing my degree might be more beneficial in the long run. 

However, I was determined to take the path less traveled and prove them wrong. I knew that by taking on a combination of studies, work, and volunteering, I could develop the skills needed to become successful in the professional world. 

It was definitely a challenge to manage my time and stay focused on completing my degree while juggling my other commitments, but in the end it paid off. I found that the combination of online classes, volunteer work, and part-time jobs gave me an edge over the competition when it came to applying for jobs. 

I’m glad that I made the decision to take the unorthodox route to finish my degree. Not only did I learn invaluable skills, but I also gained confidence in myself knowing that I could handle anything that life threw at me.

What my family and friends thought

When I told my family and friends that I was taking an unorthodox route to finish my degree, there were mixed reactions. Some were supportive and encouraging, while others were skeptical. My parents were especially concerned and didn’t believe it was possible to achieve success without traditional schooling. I can understand their worries; they were used to the traditional educational route and it was unfamiliar territory for them.

But I had done my research, and I was determined to prove them wrong. So, I did my best to reassure them by explaining the details of my plan and outlining the steps I had taken to ensure success. Even so, some of them still couldn’t quite grasp the concept, and I think that some secretly doubted that I could do it.

Fortunately, there were a few people in my life who provided unwavering support. My closest friends and mentors believed in me and encouraged me every step of the way. They were always ready to listen to my struggles, offer advice, and help me stay motivated when things got tough. Without their support, I don’t think I would have been able to make it through.

How I finished my degree

When I decided to take the unorthodox route to finishing my degree, I knew that it would be a challenge. But I also knew that I had to find a way to complete my education while still taking care of my family and work responsibilities.

I started by finding an online program that was tailored to my needs. This meant finding a program that was self-paced and offered classes at times that fit into my schedule. I was able to complete most of my classes online and some of them even offered accelerated options which allowed me to finish faster.

Next, I set up a study schedule and worked hard to stick to it. I made sure that I took time for myself in between studying and gave myself realistic goals to reach. This allowed me to stay motivated and on track with my studies.

I also sought out help from my family and friends. They were incredibly supportive of my choice to take this route and provided me with moral support throughout the process.

Finally, I made sure that I stayed organized and kept track of my progress. I regularly reviewed my course materials, took notes, and asked questions when I needed clarification on any topics. This helped me stay focused and motivated to keep going.

I am proud to say that I was able to complete my degree in a shorter amount of time than I had originally planned. With dedication, focus, and a lot of hard work, I was able to achieve my goal and finish my degree in an unorthodox way.

What I would do differently

If I had to do it again, there are a few things that I would change. First and foremost, I would plan ahead more. It was difficult to juggle the courses and other commitments during my degree program, and planning out my schedule in advance would have been a huge help.

Second, I would try to build a better support system of family, friends, and faculty. While my family and friends were supportive, there were times when I felt overwhelmed and could have used some extra guidance. A mentor or adviser would have been very helpful in keeping me on track.

Finally, I would have taken more courses related to the field that I wanted to pursue after graduation. Taking courses outside of my field helped to broaden my knowledge, but if I had taken some classes that focused specifically on my desired area of study it would have given me an even better chance of success.