The Truth About Pet Doors for Patio Doors

When it comes to the flexibility of allowing your pet to enjoy the great outdoors, pet doors for patio doors make a convenient addition to any house. With a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and features, many consumers like the fuss-free installation that comes with the majority of models. Generally speaking, they cater to the needs of both the pet and the owner, as the hassle of constantly opening a door to the back yard for cats and dogs is eliminated, which saves time and effort.

In order to choose a pet door that will fit the correct dimensions of a home (as well as personal preferences), it is important to recognize a variety of factors that come into play. A consumer will face a few decisions in regards to the acquisition of a pet door. One of the most important things to consider is to find out the measurements to ensure the proper door is delivered. In addition to the height and length of the door, many other considerations exist. For example, the type of panels and panes becomes an issue. One may choose between dual pane panels, the less costly single pane glass panels, electronic panels and patio panels set aside for cats. There are also insulated options found in dual pane glass doors, which usually provides the best environment for saving effort. To test the type of glass associated with your patio door – open the slider and place your fingers on both sides of the glass. Single pane glass looks like that they are touching, while a dual pane glass places fingers about ½” apart.

Pet patio doors require either a temporary or semi-permanent installation, which often means whether or not tools are needed in the process. With a semi-permanent patio pet door, you may have to use hacksaws, drills and wrenches to make sure the patio panel is in place. Temporary models allow the panel pet door to be removed at the homeowner’s pleasure. For example, the panel can be used during warm days only. When the weather turns cold, the panel can be conveniently and quickly removed, whereas a semi-permanent option is attached into the track with sheet metal screws.

Another issue to consider is the ‘rise’ of the patio pet door, which shows the height of the flap that pets will enter and exit through. Keep in mind that a German Shepherd and a Pomeranian will not use the same rise so it is not necessary to purchase the biggest flaps in all cases. To gain more flexibility over this aspect, purchasing one with a user-adjustable rise is recommended.

The installation of patio pet doors is quite fuss-free, as most people simply install the panel against the sliding door jamb. Others may choose an outside screen track, which utilizes a ‘spring-load’ type of mechanism. The median cost of them include $120 for a small single panel; $325 for a medium dual pane insulated glass; $120 for the smaller specialized cat flap panel; and $260 for a small electronic door.


Pet doors for patio doors allow a pet to enter the comfort of their home when they feel scared or to hide from the chill when a change in weather arises. The freedom associated with this type of product is great for both the pet and pet owner. They also blend with the majority of patios with attractive colors, such as white, bronze, black and aluminum satin. The convenience of a pet patio door continues, as fuss-free installation eliminates the need for professional assistance.


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