The Truth About Gutter Covers And Gutter Guards

Now that it is fall, like me, your mailbox has probably seen its fair share of ads all telling you to install gutter covers or gutter guards to keep the falling leaves from clogging your rain gutters. But, are these guards really necessary? More importantly, are they cost effective? Here’s a closer look to help you discover the truth.

There is no doubt that gutter cleaning is important for any homeowner. Leaves, dirt, twigs, sediment and other items can clog your gutters and downspouts and create other expenses if left unchecked.

This is where companies have stepped in with gutter covers and gutter guards that will supposedly prevent you from having to ever clean your rain gutters again. That sounds like great news until you discover the sky high costs of these systems.

It can easily cost anywhere from $1500-$2000+ for the average home to have these gutter covers installed on their roofs.

I will say that if you are a do-it-yourselfer, you could install wire screens over your gutter system for less than $250 on the average home.

Now, consider what it will cost to have a gutter contractor or company come out to have a gutter contractor or company come out to clean your gutter every year? In most cases it is $75 – $100 for the job. Let’s say you need it done twice a year. That’s $200 per year versus spending $2000 or more on gutter guards.

Next, beyond the expense factor, consider whether these covers or guards will actually work? The only system I’ve seen that really does what it advertises to do is the Gutter Helmet. Unfortunately, the cost is out of reach for most people with prices of $18 – $20 per foot being the norm.

Why do gutter covers or gutter guards fail? Because, while they all block off large twigs and leaves from getting inside the channel, the smaller debris seeps in and begins to settle, eventually clogging the gutter.

Gutter covers are a great idea and you may want to have them installed on your home, but for most people you may be better off getting them cleaned each year and saving your money.


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