The Role and Contribution of Art To The Development of Tourism

The ongoing discussion is pointing out the benefits of Art to the tourism industry. The works of art produced by artists have developed the tourism industry in various ways.

i. Provision of employment for retailers, revenue collectors, service providers etc.
ii. Generating revenue for the district assemblies.
iii. The attraction of foreign exchange.
iv. Promotion of culture.
v. Promotion of friendship and cordial relations
vi. Provision of employable skills.
vii. Reduction of poverty.

i. Provision of Employment

The works of artists have provided employment for countless people in the society via the tourism industry. For instance, retailers who purchase the works from artists and sell them to the tourists earn money in terms of profits gained to fend for themselves and their families. Service providers earn a living through the discharge of various duties to the tourists in their lodging, feeding etc. while the work of revenue collectors wouldn’t have been necessary if these tourist sites were not available as well as works of art were not produced. Most of these revenue or tax collectors gained their employment as a result of these tourism attractions.

ii. Generating Revenue for the District Assemblies

The various district assemblies in the Metropolises in countries generate revenues from the fee charged per tourist who tours historic and cultural sites in their territory. Also, artists whose works are patronised by the tourists have their studios located in the district assembly. They also pay taxes to the various district assemblies. These revenue generated can be used by the district assemblies for developmental projects in their district such as the construction of schools, hospitals etc.

iii. Attraction of Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange is earned by artists, the communities and the nation as a whole when tourists visit the country to see these tourist sites and the works of artists. These foreign exchanges help in catering for several thousands of people. It also ensures the development and provision of social amenities for a country.

iv. Promotion of Culture

The various sites where tourists visit in the country are all historical and cultural sites. They educate the tourists about the rich cultural heritage of a nation such as our historical leaders and events, religion, norms and values etc. as a people. The artefacts that they purchase from artists also portray our culture through the use of visual images and symbols. This ensures the promotion, sustenance and transmission of a country’s culture to various countries of the world.

v. Promotion of friendship and cordial relations

The use of art in the promotion of the tourism industry and also enhances the friendship that exists between various countries of the world. Through the countless artefacts that the tourist purchase and send to their various countries, they come to appreciate and understand their culture. This appreciation, in turn, builds and strengthens the friendship ties among nations, opening several business transactions and avenues partner countries.

vi. Provision of employable Skills

Works of art have offered numerous employable skills to people in the tourism industry. Both old and young ones acquire skills that can help them to gain employment easily in firms and industries through the art productions. These individuals now have skills that they can work with to cater for themselves without being a burden to the state or resorting to any social vice.


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