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With this section we intend to offer you some simple indications with which to help you elaborate your academic works. Although they can serve you to do any work, we hope you find them useful when facing the Final Degree Project (TFG) and the Master Final Project (TFM) fundamentally.

The contents presented on this page are simple and enriched with links to other web pages where you can expand the information you need or be more useful.

  • You can also use the bibliography available in the library to guide you in the preparation of your academic and research papers, including doctoral theses.
  • It is important that, before starting, you know the “Regulations for the realization of End of Degree and Master’s Thesis in the official teaching programs of the University of Almeria” and the specific regulations that may exist, typical of your center or of the degree or postgraduate degree, for the presentation of this type of work.

Table of Contents

  • This Is The First Issue
  • Contextualize The Theme
    • In Addition, You Must Stay Informed About The Current Status Of Your Topic, For This You Can:
  • Search And Evaluate The Information
    • You Will Find This Point Widely Described With The Following Sections Of The Main Menu:

This Is The First Issue

In the case that it is not assigned by your teacher, try to choose a topic that you find attractive and with which you feel comfortable, since you will have to devote enough time and effort. Keep in mind that your work must pursue the contribution of new knowledge. It must be interesting, original and useful. With the Paper Help you can have the best options.

Always consult with your tutor to outline and guide the subject well. Try not to be too broad or too specific; it is convenient that you can find enough information about it.

Once the subject is decided, formulate it trying to summarize it in a sentence or with a question. Think about the questions to which your work wants to answer, and start asking what are the most significant concepts, the key terms that summarize your idea.

Contextualize The Theme

Once the subject of the work has been chosen and the key terms identified, it must be documented using general sources of information. This will help you to know the status of the issue and to contextualize your topic.

The general sources of information are encyclopedias and dictionaries, both on paper and online.


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